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32 years old
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I was born in 1565 in Wittenberg, a city in Germany in the Bundesland Saxony-Anhalt, on the river Elbe.

Even before I took my first breath, my mother and father always knew that I would be a happy and active child. I came from a poor family within the city. We had little, but we still had each other.

To help with our finances, my father was hired along as a sailor on a German ship. My mother stayed at home and taught me how to read, write and sew.

Though we were poor, I was still able to be educated. While in school, I befriended Anna Von Kunheim (born in 1569.) She was one of many granddaughters of Martin Luther, a noble, well-respected man from our city, who had challenged the ways of the Catholic church. My Christian family looked up to him and became followers of his teachings, known as Lutherans.

Anna and I would frequently play together on the streets of Wittenberg after school. Sometimes we would race to the harbor to watch the boats come in. My father would be away from home for weeks, sometimes months, at a time working on the seas. I was fascinated by the boats. Sometimes, Anna and I would even sneak on board and pretend we were sailors.

Years passed as Anna and I together entered our adult years. I no longer needed help from my parents to live, but we were no longer poor either thanks to my father.

One day, as I walked to my parent's home, where I still lived, Anna stopped me and told me not to go there. When I asked why, she said that my mother had been arrested, and she had overheard that they were now looking for me. Anna had heard from her father what had happened, and said that she had found out that my father was not an innocent sailor. He was a pirate, and all these years he had been stealing to help us survive. He worked for Klein Henszlein, a German pirate who was well known for raiding shipping vessels along the North Sea. When he was captured and beheaded in 1573 in Hamburg, my father assisted to the captain that took his place.

My father had always condoned thievery, murder and deception. I knew he had done it because he was desperate for my mother and me.

Anna said the captain ordered him to kill a young girl who was carrying a bag of flour, my father refused, and the captain killed him. The girl ran and told authorities, who then found and captured the captain and his fleet. Now they were convinced that I and my mother were also pirates. Fearing for my life, Anna told me to flee Germany. Tears stung my eyes as I gave her one final hug before I ran to the harbor.

In the middle of the night, I located the docked ship my father worked for, as well as a box of his belongings on board. It was wrong but I had to. I took down the flags of the ship, changed my clothes, and though I had little experience, untied the ship and sailed away.

I sailed to a harbor off the coast of England, and there was where I settled. I used my sewing skills to modify my father's clothing to look entirely different. I was determined to make a new life for myself in England, and settled into my new lifestyle as a pirate.

The wisdom and kindness that I had been taught by my family, Anna, and Martin Luther transformed my ways. I vowed to be a pirate of a new standard: a peaceful, loving standard. I wanted to help change the typical stereotype. I did not steal, I did not murder, and I did not lie.

Though, during my travels in England and along the high seas, I made friends, who like Anna, were concerned for my safety from the Germans. They suggested I create an alias for myself while in public around those that didn't know me, to which I then became known as a man named Joseph Schönebeck.  But.  To my new family and friends, I was still known as Evalet vonKöln.

I wore then, and still do, a wooden cross around my neck wherever I go to remind myself of my purpose, and as a reminder to what I stand for. Then, I was a pirate, but I was one of the most friendly pirates one might ever get a chance to meet. To this day, I still am what I am, and I still stand for the same cause with a bow on my back, a dagger on my hip, and a cross around my neck.

I am Eva vonKöln, pirate of House Von Draken.


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