House Von Draken

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His Grace, Duke Kyrin Barrosa Edred Arroyo vonDraken

In the early part of the 13th century, the Teutonic Knights influence spread ruthlessly through the Eastern European countryside.  The knights violently claimed the land and slaughtered our kin in the name of the Church.  

As their influence spread through the Baltic, Slavic, and Prussian lands, many fell prey to their corrupt ways. The wealthy were stripped of money, the poor were slaughtered or forced into slavery, and the children of the nobles were held as captive to insure "co-operation" of the villages and their folk. 

Though corrupt and dishonest they were sworn to the Church, and they taught us to read and write, and to their dismay to fight, and in time, we grew from children to adults watching the tyranny unfold and grow before us. 

The time came and we did rebel against our capturs, and held our own.  Some of us escaped, some did not.  I managed to flee to the Euro-Russian border in 1245 to safety, as the knights were held off from Russia by Alexander Nevski during the Battle of Lake Peipus in 1243.  

With the wealth we took and gathered along the way, and the friends and allies I have made, I came to a plundered and deserted keep along the Duchy of Poland and Russia, hidden in the far northern ranges of the Carpathians, and we settled to our peace; secretly traveling the Euro-Russian lands as merchants as we try to build an army with those who wish to follow us.


Hello.  My mundane name is John Smith my society name is Duke Kyrin Baroosa Edred Aroyyo Von Draken. I am 48 years old and been active in Markland and the SCA for about 22 years, our house formed 16 years past and we have been an official household for 16 years (July 1996). 

I am very active within our household playing confidant, peace-keeper, den-mother, and friend to my people. I have been involved with many events and activities from my mother household, Vairguard, to presently my house. Many of these events have fond memories of growth, not only for me but my people as well. I not only run the household I also merchant selling feast gear, Armor, arms, books, trinkets & garb at private and public events. 

My interests in the household are period foods and cooking, calligraphy, garb making, stained & leaded glass, herbalism, vinting & brewing, and a little bit of everything else. I appreciate the time you have taken to check out our site and hope you find what you need to find.