House Von Draken

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Now Accepting Applications for Membership!

House Von Draken is now accepting applications & petitions for memberships!!! 

If you have an interest in getting in touch with your "inner medievalist" get in contact with our Chatelaine or send us an email at We have our monthly official meeting the first Sunday of every month at the Upper Salford Volunteer Fire Company in Salfordville, PA.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Terms You May Not Be Familiar With...

There are several terms used on this site that you may not be familiar with. Therefore we have provided a glossary listing the terms and their meanings. 

Please Note: Our Glossary is a living document and will be updated often


   A medic or person with medical training. They are responsible for maintaining the first aid kit and arranging for it's transportation to events. 


   In medieval times these were the keepers of castles.  They organized the day to day goings-on of a medieval household.  For our purpose, chatelaines are the organizers and keepers of membership records, encouraging membership at events, and being the official good-will ambassadors of the Household.  For the fighters, the Chatelaine of Fighters performs the same role but for those interested in frat fighting.

Frat Fighting:

   Standing for fratricidal fighting (to fight one's brother), frat fighting is recreating medieval combat with representations of medieval weapons and armor (not historically accurate in design or composition). 

Rec Fighting:

   As opposed to frat fighting, rec fighters (recreational fighting) use historically accurate recreations of metal weapons and stage very deliberately choreographed battles.

Iron Key:

   The keeper of the arms and armor of the Household.  Stores and maintains weapons and armor belonging to the Household as well as keeps an inventory of the gear of other members.  If a member is interested in fighting, arranges loans to those who may not have any (yet!)

Gold Key:

   The keeper of the garb and accessories belonging to the Household.  Stores and maintains this stock of garb. Also arranges loans to members who may not yet have garb for an event.


   Note-taker at meetings and keeper of meeting minutes.

Chancellor of Decorum:

   Keeper of the traditions of medieval chivalry, manners and customs.  Ensures Household 'plays by the rules' of customs and behavior.


   Think referee, but for frat fighting events.  Enforces Rules and Regulations for Frat Fighting, including armor and weapons standards, safety and well being of participants.


   Chief cook, banquet, and menu planner for any feasts the Household hosts.


   Gets the land for Pennsic War, aka Site Manger for our encampment at Pennsic.