House Von Draken

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In the wooded country-side of north-west Pennsylvania, nestled between Pittsburg & Erie, there sets a campground, a 2 ½ mile long stretch of land located west of Lake Arthur off of rt422 in the quaint Hamlet called Slippery Rock. This campground is called Coopers Lake, owned by Betty & Mac Cooper since the 70?s, and every year for the past 30-some years that campground gets turned into a medievalist vacation spot. The camp is closed down and upwards of 15,000 people take over, coming quite literally from all over the world; Australia, Canada, Germany, etc? these people converge on the campsite for what was originally know as the ?Battle of the Debatable Lands?--- now known to thousands as:


 The Legend Goes?

It started when the Knowne World was being divided up into Kingdoms by the SCA, this area and the convergence of the three rivers set an area of debate, a parcel of land, and a final solution. The debate was ?who gets owner-ship/rights to this parcel of land?? East Kingdom or Midrealm The solution, a war! And the looser gets to claim the area as thier own!

Well, from 150 people and 38years later, the War & land (which became a Principality and eventually the Kingdom of Aethelmarc) still goes on! Held for two weeks in July & August, Scadians, Marklanders & others converge and continue to fight this War. Albeit when Aethelmarc became a Kingdom the War technically ceased, we still meet as ?Eternal Friends (the East & the Mid), Annual Enemies? to fight a friendly, private, two week battle. We meet up with old friends, eat, drink, and live a medevialesque lifestyle.

Anything can be found at Pennsic, whether it?s the 200+ merchant shopping, or the abundance of daily classes & workshops, or maybe the Battles, or the night-life, there is nothing that doesn?t happen at Pennsic!

The Duke has attended 27years of Pennsic; some of the House members have been attending upwards of 10years, we go as a group, ?negotiate? a parcel of land, set camp & have fun. We are located on Brewers Road, below the Great Dark Horde; on Horde Hill,

Before Settmour Swamp. How?s that for some directions? The entire campground is blocked out, mapped out and set with a myriad of roadways, that actually are now satellite/map visible on Google.





Since our inception and recognition as a Household, House Von Draken has traveled to many different areas & sites to participate in events. Below is only a small list of some of the events we’ve attended, generally annually, sometimes just once.


Mt Holly Day; Mt Holly Day was actually one of the very first events that we attended as a group. The event was run by the Late Cheslov of Companions of the Cross, an annual event until about 2000; we would gather together for a weekend in May & have fun. Cheslov was quite the character and could spin stories for hours.


Kutztown University Renaissance Faire; this, like Mt Holly Day, was also one of the first events we attended as a Group; we attended the event annually, the first weekend of May until about 2002.


West Windsor Renaissance Faire; Sponsored by the West Windsor Lions, this event was a success from day one. The event was started in 1998, and has been great ever since, located in West Windsor, NJ at Mercer County Park; it is an event we attend every year


Lakewood Renaissance Faire; Lakewood NJ, the third weekend of Sept. we unfortunately no longer make it here due to conflicting schedules, but it’s a nice quaint event.


Wrightstown Library Renaissance Faire; The third weekend of September, a great event in upper Bucks Co. in Wrightstown PA, sponsored by the Wrightstown Library


The Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park/ the Cloisters; Upper Manhattan, at the Cloisters Monastery/Museum. Truly an awesome event, great Museum, great time, the last Sunday of Sept.


The Lansdale Jaycee’s Mardi Gras Parade; We’ve been in the parade about 10yrs now, great way to welcome in the Christmas season


The AIDS Walk, Philly; the house walked in the parade for 3 years before scheduling conflicts arose. We had fun for a good cause


The Great Pennsic Wars; An annual event


Tylersport Haunted Hayride; The group was asked to lend our hand to help support Tylersport’s Fire Company… problem>> how to do a Halloween themed event while still promoting our medievalist ideas?>> solution, re-enact the 12-13th century Vlad Dracul woodcutting!